The meaning behind the abstract work of Dean//Delport
Abstracktorar Sometimes art is unpredictable, the artist shows this with his free-style of dawing. He starts with a single line and creates the artwork with his expressionistic colour and lines and watches it develop.
it started to get colourful and flamey The artist expresses his emotions caused by an exhilaration magical experiences during that time of his life by using a mixture of mediums combined with his new discovery of UV pens.
angel blood azid glaze This is the last sketch of the artists' first series. He makes use of geometric patters to create a colorful abstract image.
Dark lost days An expression of the artists emotions. He describes his emotions while drawing this sketch as 'difficult and unhappy'. He expresses his emotions with his hard and dark style of drawing.
She said Arizona The artist makes use of UV pen, pencil and normal ink pen to do this sketch. He reminds us that everyday stationary can also be used to create art as art comes in all shapes and sizes. The artist leaves the meaning of the artwork open to the viewer. One of the viewers said it reminds her of Arizona.
an abstract sketch The artist uses bold shapes and sizes to create an abstract artwork that represents the deconstruction of life. The different shapes and variations of colour shows the viewer that life is always changing and that it can be unpredictable.
Line and ink An expressionistic drawing of the artists, expressing his enjoyment of drawing lines, patterns and forms. The artists starts with simple lines, patterns and forms and waits for the art to take on a life of its own, deconstructing and questioning the typical meaning of lines and forms taught by art schools.
Flower The artists draws inspiration in this drawing by thinking of memories and events of his life. He deconstructs his emotions with shapes and colour.
just drawing This sketch was done with black ink pen and has many lines. The artist experimented with a black and white effect to see the contrast between the bright drawings and this back and white one.
somekind of maze The artist rebels against the principals of art taught by art schools by drawing in his self taught free-style way of drawing. He tests the waters by playing around with different colours, contrasts and colour combinations. He used combinations of pencil, pen, watercolor and coqui.


it is a scetch eyes I geuss The artist draws something that would contain a different meaning for every viewer. He describes this artwork as 'The eyes' because he interprets it as eyes looking back at him out of the artwork even though it was drawn without a predetermined meaning. The artists shows how art can have a life of its own.
a true happynes tile The artist deconstructs the meaning of happiness with bright colours and straight symmetrical lines. He makes use of UV pens to create bright imagery that creates an abstract feeling, something resembling the rush of happiness that one experiences when something good happens.
a landscape with block shapes and stuff A deconstruction of a city landscape constructed out of blocks, lines and shapes. The artist reflects his way of seeing the world and showing the viewer that the world isn't all that they perceive it to be. something abstrackt like emotion The artist created a detailed drawing with strong lines to deconstruct emotions. He made use of the fine BiC black ink pen to round create the structure of the drawing. The combination of straight lines and waves represent the mixed emotions that one can experience at the same time.

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